My life has been pretty hectic lately, tons of moving and school.. but I wanted to get back on track by sharing with you guys a review of one of my favorite limited edition kits ever. As many of you know I swear by Anastasia products so when they asked me to review the See and Be Seen kit I couldn't resist! 

First let me start off by saying that the products in this kit are all you need to get through summer. The golden eyeshadow is beyond pigmented and has been my daily go-to shadow for the past month.. sweeping it over my eyelid with a darker matte brown in the crease has been my favorite summer golden bronzed look! On days where I want a more subtle look I'll opt for the lighter taupe color which is perfect to throw on with some mascara and walk out the door. As for the eyebrow gel, brows are my favorite part of the face .. I think its incredible how they shape your face... anyways this tinted brow gel makes your brows stay in place all day and you don't even need to fill them in since its tinted! Lastly lets talk about these lip glosses.. the kit comes with a cotton candy color and a coral color.. both of which I fell in love with from the first time I put them on.. these glosses are so pigmented that you don't even need lipstick underneath them! 

Go out and get your limited edition See and Be Seen Kit as I believe it is only available for a couple more weeks! Oh and did I forget to mention this kit is only $44 with a $80 dollar value! 

Available at Sephora